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MORLACK: Good To Go-Go Vol. VII

MORLACK: Good To Go-Go Vol. VIIBack on home territory after the nu-disco-inflected excursions of May’s Good Times EP, Morlack returns to his beloved DC Go-Go as source material for Good To Go-Go Vol. VII. This eight-tracker opens with Stevie getting some assistance from Little Benny & The Masters on Robin Practice and then it’s roto-tom-ago-go on track two’s laid-back poolside splice of Pleasure, Jaco Pastorius and Poor Righteous Teachers which also provides something of a musical history lesson. On the more dancefloor-oriented Sardines, Junkyard Band get made over and Kinda Hectic‘s Slim/ DJ Kool mash is – well – kinda hectic and primed for getting folks all sweaty. The unmistakeable Azealia Banks is also on hand to give Redds & The Boys a vocal assist on Hitting N Holding, while That Thing mashes go-go and dancehall culture. Which just leaves room for two re-flips – one of Hot, Cold Sweat’s Move Like That and one of Experience Unlimited live – and you’re good to go-go once more.
(Out now on Funk Blasters)

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