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BEATNIK CITY presents: BARBEAT (2017)

Producer BarBeat gives the Beatnik City label a serious dose of boogaloo flu on the new Beatnik City presents… outing and one that’ll likely spread

REE KEEN: Makeeni (2017)

Fresh from some recent electro-swinging with the likes of Groovy Joy & Sebastian Roser, the Beatnik City label gets straight back to what it does

KUHJO: Habanera Swing (2015)

[RATING:5] Here’s a well-deserved and long overdue digital release for Kuhjo‘s 2011 seven inch latin hip-hop booty drop Habanera Swing. Anyone who caught it on

REE KEEN: EP1 (2015)

Fab Samperi’s Beatnik City label have had people falling over themselves to get in on the retro party breaks action but apparently there’re none so

BEATNIK CITY: The Latin Leaks Vol. 1 (2015)

Latin breaks haven’t exactly been flooding the market this year so here’s another welcome summer release as 60s-obsessed booty edit label Beatnik City drops the

DR K: Swing Samba Lounge (2015)

[RATING: 5] Now here’s a drop that’s long overdue some monkey love and would have got some on time if everyone hadn’t decided to release