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BEATNIK CITY: The Beat Kicks Vol. 2 (2015)

The Beat Kicks Vol 2 Beatnik City[RATING:5] I thought it was high time for more big beat licks from The Beat Kicks booty series on Beatnik City – and here it is – with all the swagger of its predecessor. Vol. 2 weighs in at one track deeper but the game is the same – namely pedal-to-the-metal, big beat versions of sixties classics. Some uptempo library music with little added DWYCK sir? Try Fab Samperi and Skeewiff. Re-bumped Steppenwolf for the easy riders amongst you? Try Badboe. Fancy bangin’ Del Shannon ladies? Or bangin’ Little Eva gents? And that’s bangin’ the adjective not bangin’ the verb – minds out of the gutter please – try Rory Hoy and Dis Ma’Fucker. All those and further peaktime party pyrotechnics from Waggles, Superfort and DJ OzyBoy. Oh yes – and not forgetting, The Captain and Roberto Samperi. Hey – wait a minute – all right – hands up which one of you has tried to sneak on more than one track under different names?
(Out 5 June on Beatnik City)

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