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REE KEEN: Makeeni (2017)

Fresh from some recent electro-swinging with the likes of Groovy Joy & Sebastian Roser, the Beatnik City label gets straight back to what it does best – dope sixties-themed party breakbeat numbers. And it does so with the aid of a man who never needs any encouragement – Ree Keen. Well – it’s in his name isn’t it? Talking of names, this release goes by Makeeni – no – not the skimpy lycra one-piece made famous by Borat and worn by tedious stag partygoers but – er – actually, I’ve got no idea what ‘Makeeni’ means. Possibly Swahili for ‘150-160 bpm speed antics consisting of something vaguely Peter Gunn Theme-ish but with much more energy and a slight afro-feel on the title track plus even better organ-led soul antics for the second number.’ You can see why it got called Makeeni.
(Out 1 April (Juno Exclusive)/ 2 April (Globally) on Beatnik City Records)

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