BEATNIK CITY: Northern Beats Vol. 2 (2016)

northern-beats-vol-1-beatnik-city[RATING: 5] Things are looking musically bright already before we’ve even got to 2017 – at least on the booty edits front. Why? Because Beatnik City have lined up another scorching outing of sixties and seventies soul-inspired booty beats. One track deeper than Volume 1, Northern Beats Vol. 2 effortlessly maintains the high standards of its as predecessor as a go-to source of dancefloor heaters. Daytoner, DJ Ozyboy, F-Block and Superfort all make a re-appearance and are joined this time by Hiphoppapotamous, Aldo Vanucci, Retro The Robot, Badboe, Shimi Sonic and Leygo in a bid to can see who can most wind-up those who keep the faith.

Shimi Sonic turns in a tight edit of Lulu’s mod-pop cut Love Loves To Love Love from ’67, Hiphoppapotamus gets all disco on The Spinners, F-Block goes soul n bass on what sounds like the Doo-Rights’ Your My Girl and Badboe chops up Motown like Edward Scissorhands at John Manship’s warehouse. The highlights among the highlights however include Retro The Robot’s edit of Wendy Rene’s Bar-B-Q (different but equally as good Monetrik’s version a few years ago) and even better – a superb edit of Honey Cone’s Don’t Count Your Chickens. Who could be behind that? None other than Plymouth’s 14th best dj, the long AWOL Mr Aldo Vanucci. Welcome back Holmes!
(Out 2 January on Beatnik City)

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