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BEATNIK CITY: The Latin Leaks Vol. 1 (2015)

Latin Leaks Vol. 1 Beatnik CityLatin breaks haven’t exactly been flooding the market this year so here’s another welcome summer release as 60s-obsessed booty edit label Beatnik City drops the album-length, twelve-track Latin Leaks Vol. 1 featuring cuts from the usual party breaks suspects as The Captain, Ursula 1000, Dedy Dred & DJ Rebel, Andy Taylor, Clairvo, Ree Keen, Waggles, The Fritz, Daytoner, Stabfinger and Mad Doc form a naked conga and party till the wee hours. Everything here is saucier than a pool party at a drug lord’s mansion of course, though of particular note are Dedy Dred and DJ Rebel’s Pharcyde-laced shot of Tequila, Andy Taylor’s lairy Wu-cumbia, more cumbia party fun from Ree Keen, and DJ Clairvo’s castanet-flourishing Lift Ma Soul. Oh yes – and The Captain’s Carlos Santana-based burner which crops up in both Latin and (Latin) breaks versions and which upholds the twelfth law of the monkey which states that at least once a year thou shalt hear a track which sounds a bit like Walking On The Sun by Smash Mouth, even if it derives from an earlier work.
(Out 10 August on Beatnik City)

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