SMOOVE & TURRELL: Now Or Never (2014)

Now Or Never Smoove  Turrell[RATING: 5] So it turns out that the next single off Smoove and Turrell‘s epic soul and disco LP Broken Toys from back in the summer is the closer, Now Or Never. Coincidentally the band must have been wondering precisely when they could get away with releasing this big ‘lights-have-come-back-on’ drunken folksy singalong and if not now, in the festive season when you can hardly move for big shouty drunken singalongs, folksy or otherwise, then when indeed, if ever? Altogether now, “And if I took the time/ You’d be mine, last forever/ Be true now or never/ Like it’s a first time”. You love it.
(Out 15 September on Jalapeno Records)

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