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MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top ’10’ Tracks 2012

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There was no way it was ever going to be a mere top ‘ten’ this year as it’s been a bumper year for bangers – so here’s fifteen. As always, choices were made using a highly complex selection-algorithm based on how often shit got played on the MB sound system.

1. Hidden Jazz Quartet feat. Omar – High Heels (Lack Of Afro remix)

Massive sixties soul-tinged floor-filling remix that never fails…MORE

2. Bo Saris – She’s On Fire (Original mix)

Sweet Marvin-style soul burner that well deserves it’s scheduled re-release next year…MORE

3. Featurecast feat. Pugs Atomz – Oh La Ha

Fuck wack rappers on Euro-house beats. This is how modern hip-hop should sound…MORE

4. DJ Format feat. The Good People – Marisco

Vintage funky Format cut. Get yo’ ass down the Marisco disco!…MORE

5. Tom Drummond – Rock The Rhythm

Best ‘ghetto funk’ bump all year…MORE

6. Monetrik – Barbecue

I smell something in the air…and it’s Wendy Rene’s hot early Stax tune remixed…MORE

7. Sono Rhizmo – Do Your Stuff

More funky remix action – this time it’s Miami funk king Perk Badger. Yes that really was his name…MORE

8. Bobby Byrd – Try It Again (Morlack remix)

Even more funky remix action…MORE

9. The Grits – I’d Walk A Funky Mile

I’d walk a funky mile too if I could hear this at the end of it. Dirty mod-funk modern classic…MORE

10. Deep Street Soul feat. – This Love Ain’t Big Enough (For The Two Of Us)

DSS rinse Charles Bradley’s funky soul cut with the aid of Shirley Davis…MORE

11. Roger Molls – What’s Your Place

Another flames team-up between France’s hip-hop production nextman Molls and stateside rapper Ptates…MORE

12. T Bird & The Breaks – Somebody Had A Drinking Problem Last Night

Somebody had a drinking problem but they didn’t have a titty-shaking soul problem – as evinced by this…MORE

13. Mr T-Bone – Hard Day’s Night

Dope ska version of the early Beatles classic.

14. Harvey Ktel – Hotstylin

‘Ere come the hot mash-up…MORE

15. Abtomic – Oriza

Soul-soothing latin rerub from Athens’ breakbeat production nextman…MORE

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