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MODERATOR: New album release date and previews

ODERATOR: New album release date and previewsIf you’ve been paying attention to the releases coming out of the Melting Records stable in the last couple of years, one name that won’t have escaped your attention is that of Moderator whose 2019 The Mosaics LP pieced together quality instrumental hip-hop from a kaleidoscope of influences. While the label has taken a year’s Covid break, it’s clear that Moderator himself has been busy behind the scenes and now both label and artist return with news of a follow-up long player, Midnight Madness, due on 21 March. To get you salivating still further, pre-release audio from two of the album’s tracks has arrived as well. The first of these is the evocative Wish I Was Dead which opens with an ancient jazz vocal sample underneath which a mid-tempo boom-bap beat swiftly unfurls. Unspoken, by contrast, is downtempo breakbeat affair but arguably even more evocative with an ‘amor’-obsessed Spanish vocal sample weaving in and out of guitar and moody sax. Players below.

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