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MODERATOR: Midnight Madness LP

“Good midnight to you!” Thus begins the new Moderator LP, Midnight Madness, with a retro movie dialogue snippet heralding precisely the massive payload of dope

MODERATOR: The Mosaics

I suppose there are those who might be tempted to refer to new Moderator LP The Mosaics as a ‘world music’ album although to do

HIP CUT: Hip Society

That ol’ early Shadow/ Krush sonic template continues to stand the test of time and while it might not have been flavour of the month

MODERATOR: The World Within

Yet more quality downtempo from the Melting Records stable – this time from twenty-two year old producer Moderator who’s so young he wasn’t even born

SAVAGES: Five Finger Discount (2016)

You’ve heard of the Five Fingers Of Death and the ‘Five Finger Fillet’ game (as made famous by a Colonial Marine and an android with