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KID ACNE feat. JEHST: Neon Fogou

KID ACNE feat. JEHST: Neon FogouSterling beats and rhymes from the top team of ‘our’ Kid Acne and Chicago producer Spectacular Diagnostics again with a little help from Jehst on the new single Neon Fogou. Neon what?! You know – fogou – ancient underground structures of indeterminate usage? No? Never mind – although it does bring to mind the megalith and monolith references of previous Kid Acne releases at any rate. On this one, the musical influences on the beat are set to the jazz-psych-library music axis which is kind of fitting for both a mysterious cthonic reference and more pop culture references than you can shake a fistful of 70s Star Wars figures at. Underground hip-hop, comics, the Mandalorian – they’re all in there – this is the way! What’s that Jehst? “Stormtroopers wanna search me/ All I had on me was some percy.” No doubt, but you know shrooms are Class A now, right?
(Out now on Lewis Recordings)

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