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JON KENNEDY: Corporeal Remixed Pt. 2 (2015)

Corporeal Remixed Pt 2 Jon KennedyIs it me or was this promised the best part of a year ago? Either way, let’s just say Corporeal Remixed Pt.2 is as substantial as its title promises in a number of ways. Firstly, it weighs in at an epic 22 tracks – approximately a quarter of which are bonus free cuts. Secondly, Jon Kennedy ensures there’s something here for a wide variety of musical tastes by taking a a free-roaming approach to picking remixers that ranges far beyond the broadly downtempo oeuvre that you might have expected and even beyond breakbeat-related music on about one in every four occasions – witness Spikey Tee’s clattery tech-step stab at Bossa No Var, DBridge’s glitchy The Parade, Kapibara’s New Order-ish Tonto Rides The Gain, Nemoy’s latin-house take on Blue Light, Soulparlor’s house take on Funk Boutique and…yeah, actually there’s a bit of house on here…but let’s not talk about that. You need to hear about the dope…

…and the dope starts with Chris Karns’ distorted ‘Electric Ladyland’-ish opening version of Boom Klack. Inneryefull’s also on form with the head-nod soul on his remix of Ashley Slater-vehicle Rock The Beat, there’s a queasy Covershocks rerub of Pronounce Your Shit which features the peerless rhyme skills of some of MB’s favourites emcees QnC and then a super sweet Blend Mishkin dub-country version of Live My Life. Dopedemand’s slow burning boom-bap soul edit of You Are The Fire is also likely to see him invited back by – er – dope demand in the future and Funkin Jay’s percussive go on the ethereal country-folksy Some Strange Folk is well worth a listen too. All of which you can get your hands on early next month. Well, you’ve waited a year – what’s two weeks?
(Out 6 April on Jon Kennedy Federation)

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