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DJ FORMAT: New LP ‘Statement Of Intent’ due February (2012) + promo video/audio and tracklist

DJ Format’s back hurrah! Well, soon, anyway – and it doesn’t look like he’s going to be taking any prisoners with his first full length LP since 2005’s If You Can’t Join ‘Em…Beat ‘Em. How long!? Yeah, I know – tell me about it. The fifteen track Statement Of Intent (full tracklist below) is due for a 27 February release on digital, cd and DOUBLE VINYL and looks all set to feature the usual fat-funky boom-bap business (plus a bit of breaks and electro) with guest turns from underground fire-spitter Sureshot La Rock(who appeared on Format’s Mr DJ EP last year, ‘core Bostonian emcee Mr Lif, and a brace of legendary rappers nearly as famous for their absences from the scene as they are for their actual output: newly-defrosted-from-cryogenic-storage-in-the-eighties Phill Most Chill and professional ‘difficult’-third-album-dodger Edan. Plus The Nostalgia Quintet and The Simonsound have been invited along for the ride too. File alongside The Funk League, Mr Fantastic and Danny Spice plus fellow nineties survivors Ugly Duckling if you’ve been checking recent boom-bap. Audio link below, promo vid below that and check also the two Sureshot La Rock tracks below that if you missed last year’s EP. Don’t tell me you missed it. Christ!

Preview audio for DJ Format – Statement Of Intent HERE

Dope Pusher – DJ Format (feat. Sureshot La Rock) by dj format

MR DJ – DJ Format feat. Sureshot La Rock by dj format

DJ Format – Statement Of Intent – tracklist
1. Statement Of Intent (Sureshot La Rock)
2. Spaceship Earth (Edan)
3. Copper Canyons
4. Beyond Disco (The Simonsound)
5. A Quick Ego Trip (Sureshot La Rock)
6. Dope Pusher (Sureshot La Rock)
7. Battle Of The Planets (The Simonsound)
8. Terror (Mr Lif)
9. Notes In Quotation (The Nostalgia 77 Quintet)
10. Live At The Place To Be (Phill Most Chill & Sureshot La Rock)
11. Horse Power
12. Mayor Of A Ghost Town
13. Remember.. (Sureshot La Rock)
14. Mr DJ (Sureshot La Rock)
15. The Long Goodbye (The Nostalgia 77 Quintet)

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