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GIST: Gist (2015)

Like French duo Air? Like that talk-box hook from 2Pac’s California Love? The Spyder D sample on Latyrx’s The Quickening? The Rose Royce sample on

MANTRONIX: ‘Bassline’ blue 7″ (2015)

It’s a blue seven inch vinyl re-press time for Mantronix’s seminal Bassline a.k.a. the opening cut off Kurtis Mantronik and MC Tee’s debut album, The

MORLACK: Fly To Paris EP (2014) + video

Stuck for ideas during the Christmas break? Why not Fly To Paris with Morlack? You’ll experience premium electro boogie breaks for the duration of your

DUSTY TONEZ: Ghetto Maestro (2011)

Ghetto Maestro is the forthcoming release from Dusty Tonez and as more cultured readers will know, ‘maestro’ is Italian for ‘master.’ What is less well-known