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CHART – JUNE (2014)

(NEW) =1. Smoove & Turrell – Will You Be Mine

Nu-disco bomb and Daft Punk killer…MORE

(NEW) =1. Jurassic 5 – The Way We Do It

The legends return with a White Stripes sample…MORE

(NEW) 2. Djtzinas – And Take Your Money

Massive dancehall blend…MORE

(NEW) 3. DJ Rebel – Pucho Hands Up (The Rebel mix)

Massive hip-hop/ latin-funk blend…MORE

(NEW) 4. Alexia Coley – Beautiful Waste Of Time

Sweet funk, soul cut…MORE

(NEW) 5. Static Shock – Till Death

It’s the return of the epic trip-hop suite…MORE

(NEW) 6. The Legion feat. Droopy Dog – Freestyle Demolition

That grimy classic Bronx boom-bap…MORE

(NEW) 7. Dirty Dubsters feat. Dark Angel – Ol Bongo Cart


(NEW) 8. The Ovations – Shake (Honest Lee re-edit)


(NEW) 9. Danny Spice feat. Dizzy Dustin – Incredible


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