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BROTHER ALI: Writer’s Block (prod. Jake One) (2012) video + free download

We’ve all been there – no matter how hard you strain, nothing comes out. Yep – writer’s block is a bastard. Thankfully, the jewel in the Rhymesayers label’s crown, Brother Ali managed to gain relief by the ingenious means of writing about the fact that he couldn’t think of anything to write about. And it wouldn’t be the first time in hip-hop that this solution to lyrical constipation has been hit upon – step forward Capital D and Eminem to name the first two who spring to mind. Not only has Ali regained his mojo but he’s got a top clattery beat from Jake One and grown a massive white beard in order to look just like Pai Mei from Kill Bill for his brand new vid. Download Ali’s latest below and check back for updates on his upcoming LP Mourning In America and Dreaming In Color

Brother Ali – Writer’s Block (prod. Jake One) by rhymesayers

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