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MF DOOM: ‘One Beer’ video

The monkey has known videos come out a bit later than the track that they’re for but fourteen years later is ridiculous. But then MF

SA-ROC: Queen Ting (2016) Free download

Rhymesayers signing Sa-Roc provides a timely reminder (some forty years after the appearance of her near namesake and first female rapper ever, Funky Four +

AESOP ROCK: Rings (2016)

Indie hip-hop king, Aesop Rock is back shortly with new LP The Impossible Kid. Out already though is the video for album cut Rings –

PROF: Motel (2015) Video

Hotel, motel, whatcha gonna do today? Well, if you’re Rhymesayers rapper Prof and you’ve just finished a month-long tour of your latest album, you make

PROF: Bar Breaker (2015)

Rhymesayers‘ secret weapon and resident jester Prof returns with the video for another cut off his Liability LP. During its course he manages to dig

PROF: Farout (2014) Official video

[RATING: 5] Rhymesayers signing Prof goes through parody and comes out the other side with the video for Farout. His skinny, white daydreaming carwash attendant’s