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BIG BOSS MAN: Juju Funk (Vinyl 7″)

BIG BOSS MAN:  Juju Funk (Vinyl 7Some people think they can jive Big Boss Man but you know they must be crazy because BBM are all about the voodoo on the first of two forthcoming 45s. And if you’re an MB regular you’ll know the B-side of the first 45 is entitled Baron Samedi whereas the just leaked A-side is entitled Juju Funk. As you might expect from the title (and as Baron Samedi showed), the band have made a return to the funky drum breaks of yore with the vintage organ sound so associated with them in evidence too. What is a little different on this one is the guitar sound which offers squalling psych-rock pyrotechnics rather than the mod-fuzz of previous releases. In fact, this track is, dare the monkey say it…a bit Bongolian-ish. Mind you, when you consider that some cuts on the last LP by BBM’s Nasser ‘The Bongolian’ Bouzida (Soul Drums On 110th Street, for example) were a bit BBM-ish, it’s not entirely without precedent. Not to mention dope.
(Pre-order now/ Out 23 September on Blow Up Records)

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