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TOM CARUANA feat. KOSYNE: Bounty Hunter On The Rise

TOM CARUANA feat. KOSYNE: Bounty Hunter On The RiseA Tom Caruana release is always a bit special round these parts so I’m sure you’ll be as pleased as the monkey to hear that the man behind mash-up albums like 2011’s epic Wu/ Hendrix Black Gold LP and original dope like 2017’s Son Of Sam Cinder Hill LP has new material in the offing. Enter forthcoming album, Strange Planet, which promises to be a total retro-sci-fi, boom-bap trip if first single, Bounty Hunter On The Rise featuring Kosyne is anything to go by. Opening with evocative sixties library music the track soon develops into head-nod boom-bap drums featuring a sinuous woodwind melody and bars from ‘intergalactic bounty hunter on the rise, looking for bad guys’ – Kosyne. Seems he’s living the life of Riley too: “Come pay day I get the weapons re-charged, fill up the fuel cells and take the rest to hit up the bar/ I’m getting rowdy, catch my kind of whiskey sours on Mars/ Flexing the charm with two green shorties all on my arm.” Damn, I’m in the wrong job. Comes complete with retro sci-fi video too – what more could you ask for?
(Out now on Tea Sea Records)

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