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TOM CARUANA: Strange Planet

[RATING: 5] As heralded by the arrival of single Bounty Hunter On The Rise featuring Kosyne last week, Tom Caruana’s new album, Strange Planet is

TOM CARUANA: Adaptatrap

Recently released, Adaptatrap is the new instrumental album from producer Tom Caruana.  MB readers will know Caruana as the man behind such mash-up LP colossi

BOOG BROWN: Boog Brown

While producer Tom Caruana is well-known to MB readers for a string of epic mash-up albums and his live hip-hop band, Son Of Sam, the

SON OF SAM: Cinder Hill (2017)

[RATING: 5] If you’ve been paying attention over the last month and a half you might have noticed how the dog days of August and


[RATING: 5] That most British master of ceremonies is back. I refer of course not to Mr B the so-called ‘gentleman rhymer’ (a mere charlatan,