THE ALLERGIES: Kicking Up Dust EP (2015) + God Walked Down video

Kicking Up Dust EP The AllergiesNormally it’s kicking up the dust that’s likely to bring on the allergies but what happens if The Allergies bring on Kicking Up The Dust? Allow Dr Monkey to explain. Preliminary symptoms are likely to involve involuntary bodily twitching which may develop into a full-blown movement towards the dancefloor as a result of a combined exposure to a gospel-soul stomp, a groovy disco biscuit, a 90s hip-hop bump featuring the unmistakeable Blurum13 and a flute-loop-alicious piece of funk breaks. In that order. It is recommended that those affected should make no attempt to fight the symptoms but simply go with the flow and see what happens. Nowt but the humble Juno player soundwise as yet – check it below. God Walked Down vid. below that
(Out 25 May on Jalapeno Records)

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    1. Always. You still owe me that pint but every time I see you you’re busy behind a pair of decks 😉

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