THE ALLERGIES feat. BOOTIE BROWN: Stanky Funk (Vinyl 7″)

THE ALLERGIES feat. BOOTIE BROWN:  Stanky Funk[RATING: 5] They’ve been messing around with disco-reggae and electro-blues of late but this is The Allergies and one of the things they do best is keep that old-school party hip-hop sound – er – partying. And what better way to do that than with a big ol’ bottle of Stanky Funk served up by none other than Bootie Brown? Yep, this one’s throwback rap credentials are impeccable – phat boom-bap beat, funky Hammond loop, a bit of sax-iness, cartoon artwork that nods to Taste The Secret-era Ugly Duckling and, indeed, Bizarre Ride II…-era Pharcyde plus they’ve only got one of the founder members of The Pharcyde, no less, on the mic!! Cop this, start the party and make it 1992 again wherever you play it! B-side Never Gonna Let Go meanwhile finds the boys doing their other stock-in-trade – i.e. uptempo funky party breakbeats – a cut equally as likely to grab hips and get ’em moving.
(Out 31 March on Jalapeno Records)

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