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THE ALLERGIES feat. ANDY COOPER: ‘I Just Got That Feeling’ video

THE ALLERGIES feat. ANDY COOPER: 'I Just Got That Feeling' videoJust out, it’s the new video for Andy Cooper-featuring track, I Just Got That Feeling, off latest Allergies album – the excellent Say The Word.  Probably the most serious track of the set, said cut provides a mid-LP moment of introspection and reflection amid the bubblegum breakbeat thrills, recalling material from Audacity-era Ugly Duckling. “Sometimes I stand in front of the mirror/ and I think who is that man and how’d he get here?” Andy muses, in uncharacteristically sombre mood, for example. How to represent such goings on in audio-visual format though? A shadowy mise-en-scène for sure, some symbolism of time passing – a photo of our man as a whippersnapper, a ceramic skull maybe, an hourglass and footage of the current heavily-bearded Andy staring into various places searching for answers.  He could have a gander in some mirrors (obviously), a darkened window (Gothic reference – nice), a tablet screen (a.k.a. peering through a contemporary glass darkly) – or perhaps what he’s looking for is inside the fridge? No – but that is an impressive array of sauces!  Then, every time the hook comes around, we could see him surrounded by stars and a mystic light emanating from the back of his head.  You see?  The answer wasn’t in all those reflective surfaces or anywhere ‘without’ at all!  It was ‘within’ all the time. Yep – that ought to do it. Hurrah for hooks! If only a few more people would stop and look inside every once in a while…

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