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TENSEI & THE PRIMERIDIAN (feat. Mike Flo): Full Throttle – Free download

If you caught Herma Puma’s super-chilled hip-hop LP Synchromystic earlier this year this will almost certainly appeal since producer Simple X of Herma Puma is also part of Tensei. I have it on good authority that Full Throttle is a taster of a forthcoming project with Chicago’s Primeridian crew – who I last heard of name-checked on one of the monkey’s all time favourite hip-hop LPs – All Natural’s Second Nature. If anything it’s a little grittier and darker than anything on Synchromystic but retains the heavy, tripped-out production that is Simple X’s hallmark and bodes well for the full collab. Nice job. Oh – yeah – Dead Prez’s Mike Flo is on it too. Listen and download below – that’ll be the bold ‘down’ arrow in the r-hand side of the Soundcloud player:
Full Throttle -The Primeridian ft Mike Flo by Tensei
Tensei – Soundcloud
Primeridian – Myspace

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