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NIKE BONGIORNO: Bad Room Beats EP (Vinyl 7″)

NIKE BONGIORNO: Bad Room Beats EPForever scoping the full range of hip-hop, tropical beats and reggae for the most interesting sounds, Italy’s Little Beat More label is just about to release producer Nike Bongiorno’s Bad Room Beats EP. A four-tracker, the release opens with a spaced-out slice of hip-hop entitled JJ featuring Denmark-based U.S. MC Blacc El. The chilled vibes continue on jazzy trip-hop instro Tajinewhich serves up a casserole of laidback drums, xylophone, double bass and vintage spoken word samples – and continue on the remaining two tracks. These are also instrumental and both feature dusty old vocal loops sprinkled over the rhythm. However, while Fozzy goes heavy on the synth, new school drum sounds and production, Malibuana employs massive reverb on a slo-mo funk break laced with muted trumpet and throbbing bass. A veritable smoker’s delight of a record then!
(Out 30 June on Little Beat More)

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