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JON KENNEDY: Enchantica (2017)

JON KENNEDY:  EnchanticaWhile you wait for the next full-length release from Jon Kennedy, he gets his trip-hop on with atmospheric new single Enchantica. The track is built around all-enveloping organic bass and drums as washes of sax and xylophone drift in and out of focus along with what might be a cut-up vocal loop from Bobby Darin’s version of Nature Boy wafting around in the background too. The dreaminess is undercut by the menace of the artwork – an unsettling picture resembling a still from a Luis Bunuel film in which a reclining nude appears to have the head of an especially threatening and shadowy lupine figure. “Very strange…very strange…enchanted…” goes the singer. He’s not shitting you.
(Out now on Jon Kennedy Federation)

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