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SON OF SAM feat DENMARK VESSEY: System Animal (2017)

SON OF SAM feat DENMARK VESSEY: System Animal (2017)  Son Of Sam continue their unchallenged position as purveyors of the dopest hip-hop released this year with yet another single off recent debut long player, Cinder Hill. This time around it’s the single release treatment for the psychedelic jazz-flavoured broken beats of System Animal. This features Denmark Vessey’s antsy delivery of rhymes which are clearly the product of industrial levels of marijuana inhalation and/ or the long-term effects of being the victim of covert surveillance and government conspiracy. How to represent a suitable level of mental fragmentation and paranoia in an audio-visual medium though? Perhaps a brutally industrial setting (a disused car park perhaps or unfinished office space?) for a sense of urban alienation and then get Vessey to enter stage right gesturing like a wino at Vessey back turned, stage centre. And then get Vessey to enter stage front walking towards Vessey and Vessey, watched by a sinister shadowy Vessey from the wings, all of whom are subsequently augmented by additional Vesseys who appear and disappear as the mood takes them. Yes – that should do it.

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