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MELLOWNIUS: Just One (2015)

What next from Silenta, sometime partner of CMC and maker of heavy breakbeat and ghetto funk action who hasn’t been heard of in these parts

CMC & SILENTA: Get It On Now (2012)

The trickle becomes a stream and the stream is shortly to become a flood. I’m on about albums that broadly (let’s not get bogged down

THE GEMINI BROS: Trump Skyscrapers (2012)

BigM’s latest drop sees The Gemini Bros deliver four-tracker Trump Skyscrapers. When I was a kid ‘trump’ was the word one of my mates dad’s

CMC & SILENTA: Funky Town (2011)

Manmade Records’ big boss men, CMC and Silenta have just dropped this party cut on their other label Roca which revolves around the old Banbarra