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MANMADE RECORDS: Feature Funk Vol. 7 – 2011

A game of two halves this one. The A side consists of label bosses CMC & Silenta continuing to sidestep predictability with an disco-breaks/ wobbly-bassed/ big female vox-powered cut that seems to have been formulated solely for the purpose of convincing those formerly enamoured of house music that, yes, the nu/ ghetto funk scene has something for them. I certainly didn’t expect that. Then we’ve got new boy Busta who goes a bit electro and applies some LL Cool J but seems, in spirit, as Majorca bound as C & S. The B-side is all about cheeky versions of Bazuka’s big 1975 smash Dynomite. Yep, that’s right – two of them. Jayl Funk keeps it close to the original while Timothy Wisdom & The Funk Hunters wobble it up a bit for the kids. The press release can’t decide which is better and in truth both are fair but – er – it’s kind of difficult to beat the Bazuka version…Not one for the b-boys then – rather one with more big club appeal as nu and ghetto funk start to register on mainstream radar. (Out April. Ish)

(Audio soon!)

(PRESS RELEASE) Manmade is back again with another collection of floor filling club bangers. This time with Busta, one of the uprising beat kings from down under, Timothy Wisdom & The Funk Hunters, out of Canada, with another shining example for unbelievable mashup work, and the well known funky breakbeat builder Jayl Funk from Bavaria. As you expect CMC&Silenta did it again with something for the ladies on the dance floor. Check out the Dynamite Side! Two versions on here, couldn’t decide which one is better, both are killer tunes in different ways.

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