CMC & SILENTA: Feature Breaks Vol. 3 ‘The Night Is Mine’ (2012) + video

CMC & Silenta take funky breaks to Ibiza in their house-friendly latest cut The Night Is Mine. By rights, the video to this should have revolved around a large gang of half-dressed pretty young things on “party patrol” in the centre of some Balearic-looking town and move towards either a floodlit pool or a speedboat. Probably both. Maybe it’s the non-breakbeat intro, maybe it’s Vanessa Iraci‘s Euro-house style vocals but this reeks of foam machines in superclubs, long hot nights and girls in skimpy club wear. I’ve never been keen on foam machines. DJ AKA and Funkanomics take the track to an increasingly heavy place and Zamali goes loose and funky, while Badkat keeps the raps tight on all versions. Also comes with instrumentals of the original, AKA and Funkanomics cuts, an acapella that’s practically hitching its dress above its panties in a bid for house action and ghetto ragga cut Big Up Booty.
(Out now on Roca Records)

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