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SAVAGES: Five Finger Discount (2016)

Five Finger Discount SavagesYou’ve heard of the Five Fingers Of Death and the ‘Five Finger Fillet’ game (as made famous by a Colonial Marine and an android with a knife on Aliens) but what about the Five Finger Discount? The mind boggles. A budget kung fu flick? A shorter version of ‘Five Finger Fillet’ in which a hatchet is used? How about a five-track vinyl album by Hungarian producer Savages? You’re nearly right on the last one. It’s actually an eleven track (seven on the vinyl version) of Savages rather good instrumental hip-hop LP which originally only got a limited cd release all the way back in 2008. Having got hold of it, Melting Records decided it needed a proper release however and justifiably too.

So what is the vibe of the early work by one half of production duo Savages Y Suefo and the man behind Mana Mana Records? The answer is fully paid-up cinematic grooves – you know the score – boom-bap beats, vintage samples lifted from old movies and old folk, classical and lounge records and the general feel of a soundtrack – well, David Holmes made a career out of it. But while tracks like opener Pitch-In and You’re My Chocolate are certified stoner grooves the pace is not always downtempo and the atmospheric Eastern chanting of The Blow soon gives way to 110 bpm funkiness, for example. What you might call dope on plastic then…
(Out now on Melting Records)

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  1. I can’t find anything about this band, anywhere. Does anyone know if Savages has a website or a facebook page? I’ve found a Savages Facebook page, but I don’t think it’s the same artist.

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