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IZO FITZROY: Blind Faith

Izo FitzRoy’s back with new disco-soul single Blind Faith – the third to be taken from her forthcoming album How The Mighty Fall. Turns out

IZO FITZROY: Say Something

Right, new Izo FitzRoy single out – Say Something. No, not you, doofus! That’s the name of the single! Third track off last year’s Skyline

IZO FITZROY: Skyline (2017)

The new single from Izo FitzRoy is the title track of her debut LP Skyline and finds her busy doing a bit of soul-searching. In

IZO FITZROY: Skyline (2017)

Another in long line of A&R successes for Jalapeno Records, Izo FitzRroy is someone you can expect to hear a lot more in the future