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IZO FITZROY: Skyline (2017)

IZO FITZROY:  SkylineThe new single from Izo FitzRoy is the title track of her debut LP Skyline and finds her busy doing a bit of soul-searching. In her own words she’s “Moving through the badlands, moving through the dark times, searching for the answer.” Is it under the laid-back piano at the start? Maybe the bluesy guitar has seen it? No? Bugger. Perhaps break it right down to just vocals and bass, yeah, and think about where you last saw it, then gradually bring the other stuff back in and it’ll come to you. That’s right – a smouldering bit of organ – some more guitar (careful – don’t want to go all ‘yacht rock’ – that’s not going to help you find anything) – more drums…of course! The skyline! That’s where you left the answer. You probably got all distracted when Kraak & Smaak, Ambassadeurs and Buddy Peace were clamouring to do electronica remixes. It’s easily done.
(Out now on Jalapeno Records)

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