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OMEGAMAN: Universal Rhythm

Oz producer Omegaman’s been around for a long time now, never disappointing and his new Universal Rhythm four-tracker might just be his most varied and

OMEGAMAN: Under The Covers EP

Omegaman returns with his new four-track EP, Under The Covers which includes a reboot of Dandy Livingstone’s evergreen rocksteady A Message To You Rudy, also

OMEGAMAN: Rebel Rocker

Given the way Covid has negatively affected the music industry in the past year, you’d expect the system to have made rather more people into

FORT KNOX FIVE: DC’s Finest Volume 1

Fort Knox Five haven’t been sat on their hands during lockdown and in their munificence are shortly to be re-releasing Volume 1 of DC’s Finest,


The Attracted EP consists of the last five studio recordings by Mustafa Akbar, lead vocalist for Fort Knox Five, Thunderball and Nappy Riddem as well

OMEGAMAN: Babylon Don’t Interfere

Always worth checking out, Fort Knox Recordings Oz’ signing, Omegaman, has a new EP out – Babylon Don’t Interfere. Do I sense a reggae vibe?