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DUSTY TONEZ: Ghetto Maestro (2011)

Ghetto Maestro is the forthcoming release from Dusty Tonez and as more cultured readers will know, ‘maestro’ is Italian for ‘master.’ What is less well-known is that the same word appears in Irish Gaelic and, although there’s no direct translation, it approximates to ‘rather large and funky slice of wobbly bass.’ As you might expect therefore, the original mix here draws from funk, ragga and dubstep influences. Remixers Funk Moguls go large on the funk and hip-hop, Bulabeats label boss JohnnyPluse goes eighties electro/ hip-hop but keeps the wobble and, not to be outdone, Tonez himself goes round the outside like a trailer park girl and comes back with an electro breaks remix. All bases covered then…
(Out 24 September on Bulabeats)

Ghetto Maestro EP by DUSTY TONEZ

Dusty Tonez is back with another funk wobbler. ”Ghetto Maestro” is a funk-fuelled Ragga bass dancefloor weapon. Remixes come from Bulabeats bossman Johnnypluse, who drops some ragga wobble with tight funk breaks, The Funk Moguls come correct with a live funk n hiphop jam and there is also a massive Electro Breaks mix, that will keep the breaks massive happy. All in all this tune will rock any dance floor. Press play!

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