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VARIOUS: South Coast Rulers

South Coast Rulers from Cuttin’ It Fine Records? Have they opened up a business selling shatterproof plastic measuring strips? Don’t be daft! It’s the new

CRASHGROOVE: Rotten Dancer (2014)

Lead with the shoulders not the hips? Two left feet? Terminal rhythm dodger? You know who you are and it’s time to celebrate since Crashgroove‘s

CHAMBER: Flip Like A Renegade (2014)

How about a little Chamber music? No, not that kind. Relative Dimensions decide that warping great electro blues-funk break Flip Like A Renegade from Beat

BOOTY FRUIT: Cherry Bombs Vol. 2 (2014)

It’s about time! The three-track Vol. 2 of Booty Fruit‘s new series, Cherry Bombs will be lobbed into the wild next week and both Roast

TREMENDO: Dirty Funk Vol. 1 (2012)

[RATING: 5] That the raison d’etre of Vol. 1 of this new series on Telephunken‘s Tremendo label seems to be to put the funk back