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DJ ROAST BEATZ: Luxury Boom Bap – Remix EP (2016)

Luxury Boom Bap Remix EP Roast BEatzSometimes, roasting something twice is better than roasting something once! But which production cuisiniers to seek for twice-roasted beats if you’re already a capable beat chef yourself? In the case of DJ Roast Beatz you enlist the formidable skills of The Allergies, Shaka Loves You, El Bomba and DJ Maars to provide a veritable feast for the ears. The Allergies bring ’88 back on the Koaste-featuring – er – 1988 with a beat journey through boom-bap’s golden era for starters. Then there’s the Mysdiggi-featuring Pour Me which gets an 80s synth-funk workout love from the Shaka crew. Naturally DJ Maars brings the reggae beats and his re-version of Heavy Ear Play turns on a smoulderingly dubby organ-led groove. Which just leaves EL Bomba who delivers a punishingly phat slab of dancefloor boom-bap to underpin his rework of The Ultimate.
(Out now on BBP)

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