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CHAMBER: Flip Like A Renegade (2014)

Flip Like A Renegade ChamberHow about a little Chamber music? No, not that kind. Relative Dimensions decide that warping great electro blues-funk break Flip Like A Renegade from Beat Kitchen resident Chamber was just too good not to remix. So they’ve had it remixed – by Doc Moody who flips like Aphrodite, El Bomba who flips like 90s big beat, Leygo who flips like he’s a ghetto Robert Johnson, Sketi who flips like he’s searching for extraterrestrial intelligence, and Youthful Implants who flip like the Borg at a KMFDM gig. Tricky to pick a favourite but it might have to be Leygo. That’s the edge satanic pacts will get you…
(Out 5 August on Relative Dimensions)

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