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KMD: BL_CK B_ST_RDS (Re-release)

[RATING: 5] Before DOOM, before Viktor Vaughn and King Gheedorah, before the myriad collabs with the likes of Madlib and Dangermouse and Jneiro Jarel and

MF DOOM: Operation Doomsday (2016)

It’s fair to say that he-of-a-million-names, i.e. the man currently known as DOOM and variously known as Zev Love X of KMD, Viktor Vaughn, Metal

CANNIBAL OX feat. DOOM: Iron Rose (2015)

Like the kid who rocks up halfway through a lesson all innocent and wearing a ‘What?’ expression, Cannibal Ox suddenly come out of the woodwork

LONE NINJA: Rogue Agent (album)(2012)

He’s an underground rapper, he hides behind a pseudonym and he keeps his identity a mystery while displaying rhyme mastery. He’s not DOOM. Nope, Daniel

MA DOOM: Son Of Yvonne (2012)

MA DOOM might sound like some sinister matriarch presiding over death and misery in a bizarre hybrid of misery-fest soap opera ‘Eastenders’ and a well-known