LONE NINJA: Rogue Agent (album)(2012)

He’s an underground rapper, he hides behind a pseudonym and he keeps his identity a mystery while displaying rhyme mastery. He’s not DOOM. Nope, Daniel Dumile is no longer the only mysterious bastard on the block – now there’s the ‘shinobi of secrecy’, Lone Ninja, a man who shuns the cult of personality for his nom-de-guerre and a black balaclava. I say, ‘now’ – actually it turns out he’s done quite a lot despite the fact that he’s only just shown up on the MB radar. Maybe the monkey’s radar isn’t as bleeding edge as it should be. Then again, maybe all that covert shit’s been a bit too successful.

Anyway – the Rogue Agent LP is 27 tracks deep, features production from June Marx, Lord Gamma, Blaq Masq, JBL The Titan, White Shadow, Kyo Itachi, EDK (among others) and guest raps from June Marx, Lord Gamma, Apak, Cyprus Malachi, Bedlam Brethren, Godilla, Son Of Saturn and Vega X. Perhaps you’d like to know more? Perhaps a visit to ‘loneninja.com’? No dice – takes you to a sales page on undergroundhiphop.com. Bio on Allmusic.com maybe? No image, no text and some audio samples. Soundcloud? Fuck off! He’s a ninja! LP preview? Probably under armed guard in some feudal Japanese castle. Mind you, I think that kind of approach is to be admired in this day and age of inane ‘What shall I have for dinner tonight’/ ‘Just broken a nail’ status updates. You’ll have to make do with the player and vid below – both album tracks, both, if we’re being honest, quite DOOM-ish but both, to be fair, quite promising…
(Out on Holographic Pagoda)

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