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MASTA ACE: Win signed copy of ‘MA-DOOM: Son Of Yvonne’ album (2012)

Golden era legend and former Juice Crew emcee Masta Ace is still kickin it like that with his latest project. Despite sounding like some sort of crazy Eastenders-matriarch/ supervillain hybrid MA-DOOM is actually Masta Ace’s recent project using the Special Herbs instrumentals of DOOM (the artist formerly known as MF DOOM) which forms the musical basis for his lyrical tribute to his late mother – Yvonne. In order to big up the project M.A. has just joined FB and his five thousandth follower will be the recipient of a free autographed copy of MA-DOOM: Son Of Yvonne – click HERE.

There’s bound to be a certain number of bell-ends who’ll sit there like they’re on some sort of ebay vigil of course, waiting for the number of likes to rise to 4999 so they can slam their finger down on the ‘like’ button with a triumphant smirk. You can only hope that bowel pressure ultimately forces them to miss the vital moment. Either that or they shit themselves while clicking. Since Masta Ace’s current presence on soundcloud is about as extant as his current presence on Facebook however, you’ll have to make do with the few MA-DOOM tracks I’ve located from various sources and the trusty old low kbps juno player for the rather good LP…

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