SURPRISE CHEF: All News Is Good News

SURPRISE CHEF: All News Is Good NewsNext from Melbourne’s library music-influenced instrumental outfit, Surprise Chef, is All News Is Good News – the title track and second taster of their imminent debut LP. If you heard previous track Blyth Street Nocturne, you’ll know that is very good news indeed. For having shown with that they can rock it with the likes of NYC’s cinematic soul crews with that one, they go a bit deeper this time and deliver the sort of thing you might expect from Euro-outfit Calibro 35.  And so we get All News Is Good News – an evocative David Axelrod-esque piece of crime-funk, that is heavy on the vibraphone and continually alternates between moods.  Recorded live to tape for that vintage sound, it’s a track that only increases anticipation of what the LP will bring.

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