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SOOPASOUL (feat. DIONNE CHARLES): Hot & Cold b/w Hustlin’ (Vinyl 7″)

Jalapeno Records gets on a 45 re-issue tip with eleven year old Soopasoul 7″ Hot & Cold b/w Hustlin’.  Some of you may remember that the first of these features erstwhile Baby Charles vocalist Dionne Charles holding forth about the antics of a pain-in-the-arse love interest over a super-heavy organ-n-wah-powered funky breakbeat groove. Invert your wax on the turntable platter and you’ll find Hot & Cold‘s original instrumental B-side in full effect as well – a dirtier but equally heavy funky breakbeat groove – this time owing a heavy debt to blaxploitation themes. Oohh – and watch out for the drum breakdowns on either side!

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