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SMOOVE & TURRELL: It Ain’t Working + Live video

SMOOVE & TURRELL: It Ain't Working + Live videoIt Ain’t Working is the third single to be lifted from Smoove & Turrell’s forthcoming new LP with the 80s after-shave referencing title of Stratos Bleu. What ain’t working though? Porter’s new parka? The new 80s-influenced boogie/ analogue electronica direction? Smoove’s maracas? Wash your mouth out! The title must surely be a reference to the properties of a certain legendary 80s splash-on face-burn. Let’s face it, you’ve just cut your face to ribbons dragging a multi-bladed device across it (Surely single-bladed back in the 80s? Shaving Ed.) – what you need to chuck on that is some alcohol!  No, you don’t! It ain’t working! What you really need is something silky smooth and soothing – like this new Smooth & Turrell single – right ladies?
(Out now on Jalapeno Records)

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