SEE-I: Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP 2 (2015)

Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP 2 See IYou knew there was going to be a sequel when you saw the ‘1’ in the name of the first EP and here it is – the Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP 2 on which Sammy Senior, Thunderball, Lack Jemmon and Palletz get busy with their choice of cuts off See-I‘s last album. Thunderball utterly transforms the mellow rootsy original of Never Give Up into persistent junglist jump-up business, Palletz applies pummelling electro breaks to Rudeboy Razor, the wafty, ethereal reggae of Queen Of Sheba gets a positively Solomonic, skanking-wobble-breaks workover while, arguably best of all, Sammy Senior reforges Real Steel in the raging furnace of ghetto funk.
(Out now on Fort Knox Recordings)

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