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SAM REDMORE (feat. LUMI): Just Can’t Wait

SAM REDMORE (feat. LUMI):  Just Can't WaitHe’s done the funk (On The One with Haggis horns), soul jazz (Party with Lumi), a cumbia/reggae cross (with Andrea Brown covering SOS Band’s Just Be Good To Me) and more cumbia-isms on Georgia Moroder cover Tears so whither next for Sam Redmore? Turns out it’s planet disco and with singer Lumi in tow once more. Pumping cowbell-laced four-to-the-floor beat? Check? In Deep-ish synth riser on the intro? Check. Strings? Doesn’t mind if he does. Big piano riff? You know it. Those ‘pe-oww-pe-oww’ 70s synth ‘laser fire’ FX? In there like swimwear. Comes in radio edit and extended versions.
(Out now on Jalapeno Records)

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