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RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Moo Juice EP – 2011

Stand aside fusion bores and chin-stroking poseurs, Renegades Of Jazz is back with a new single! Moo Juice is yet more gold-top goodness from David Hanke whose ability to combine jazz samples and heavyweight breakbeats without sounding all wanky/ noodly is near supernatural. Lighter on it’s feet than the music of ‘Daisy Age’ hip-hop but with just as substantial a bottom end, the ROJ sound is to jazz fusion what breakdancing is to ‘jazz hands’ prancing and belies the ‘northern jazz’ tag applied to it. With all the class of sixties big band spy-flick scores and all the percussive pressure of b-boy breaks, it’s the sort of thing you wack on the car stereo and then pretend you’re driving an Aston Martin DB5 around Monaco even if you’ve ground to a halt in bank holiday traffic on the M5. Nice. Remixes from Tom Eno, Bernd ‘Kinski’ Roesler and Mute Speaker
(Out 24 June on Hiperbole)
Renegades Of Jazz “Moo Juice EP” by Hiperbole Records

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