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The Maenads is the new project from Renegades of Jazz’s David Hanke and Kabanjak’s Ingo Möll and finds the pair venturing into the territory of

DISCOBETA: Down The Block EP

You’d expect nothing less than hefty breakbeat material from DiscObeta and they don’t disappoint on their new Down The Block EP. Said release features two

MORLACK: Sokit2Me EP (2012)

Definitely one of the funkiest producers aligned with the ghetto funk movement, the Sokit2Me EP is Morlack’s latest effort and finds him reworking a number

DJTZINAS: Mad So Mush EP (2012)

The European fiscal storm might be pissing down from an especially great height on Greece and Ireland at the minute but here’s a team-up to

RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Moo Juice EP – 2011

Stand aside fusion bores and chin-stroking poseurs, Renegades Of Jazz is back with a new single! Moo Juice is yet more gold-top goodness from David