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RED MARTINA: Rhythm & Rhyme (2014)

Come Oh Home Red MartinaMoody piano keys and trumpets, 85 bpm break, 4 a.m. female vocals, bit of scratching, sampled 1940s-sounding vocal loop….is it 1995? Are we in Bristol? Not with a soaring orchestral-rock hook like that we’re not. But I’ll give you a clue – remove the vocals of Hayley Cass and substitute the ‘gargling with broken glass’ raps of Vinnie Paz and you’d have…Jedi Mind Tricks. This must be Red Martina then – the hip-trip-hop side project of accomplished former Mind Tricks producer Stoupe. Furthermore, Rhythm & Rhyme is the first single off forthcoming full-length effort Come On Home which promises, “groovy jazz and soul, psychedelic surf rock, sultry blues, electro instrumentals…provoking lyrics and sublime melodies.” Gentlemen (and lady) you had my curiosity but now you have my attention…
(Out 17 November on Badtape Music)

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