QDUP feat. AWOKE: Sonic Drop

QDUP feat. AWOKE: Sonic DropSonic Drop – not the latest battlefield weapon in Trump’s arsenal but the latest dancefloor weapon in Qdup’s – and shit is pretty newfangled sounding. Boom-bap this ain’t. Although it does qualify as hip-hop. What we have here my friends is an 808-charged, super-heavy bass payload with stutterfunk percussion and an emcee in the shape of Awoke on the mic? Did I mention her yet? No? Well – it seems she’s got, “supersonic phonics,” and slams it, “like Onyx.” And who is anyone to argue on the strength of this? Turns out the track was born of a meeting of minds in the desert at a festival in which QDup invited anyone with the requisite skills to grace the mic during a hip-hop set he was playing and Awoke stepped up. It would have been rude not to get a release out of that…
(Out now on Fort Knox Recordings)

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